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Posted on: September 26, 2012

There has been recent public debate over the value of art and culture as the Liberal Governments in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales have cut arts funding from their budgets. The reason for this blog is to raise The Arts industry in Australia higher up on the agenda by promoting the importance of creativity.

So that being the case, this blog strives to raise awareness on sufficient Government support to stimulate the Arts and Enhance Creativity in Australia is here to reach out and engage communities to stimulate the imagination and creativity of Australia. At the same time promoting support for artistic organisations connecting creativity and the public.

Please feel free to engage by sharing your thoughts on anything related to the arts!


11 Responses to "Hello There!"

The mission Enhance creativity is striving towards is something I truly believe in also. It is so inspiring to see not only prominent and influential members of the public funding and endorsing projects, but also general society getting involved. Personally I am really excited for the impending “Sculpture by the Sea” even which commences on October 18th. It is their 16th annual exhibition in Bondi, and it is phenomenal that this artistic display has been able to continue for this long.

Word of mouth has it the sculptures are breathtaking with unusual and distinctive pieces being displayed, which is just as pleasing as the 2 km scenic walk from Tamarama to Bondi. A perfect beginning to the summer session.

I highly advise a look and to get behind the arts and support!!!

P.S. Its Free!


Thank you for your support, I couldn’t agree with you more! The upcoming annual ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ is definitely a must see exhibition with sculptures that never cease to impress, the easily accessible, scenic location and free admission makes it even better for a great day out while supporting local and international artists!

These changes were made due to recommendations from the Gratten Institute earlier this year. Did you hear of the protests in Melbourne because of these changes? So many students will be effected if they cut government subsidies.

No I actually didn’t hear about the protests in Melbourne due to these changes! Yeah, it is terrible!

Hey guys, keen art lover also. I have trouble explaining the value of art to my rather business oriented right-wing grandfather. How can I convince him that there’s value in art?

Hi Justin, great question there! Well, to simply put it you can explain to him how creativity and art is in everything!

It is not just in paintings, or music, or inventions of new device. It is part of how people speak, act, and live their everyday lives. It is in the mathematical, biological and chemical features found in the many forms of life all around us. It pretty much the driving force in our modern world.

It is about taking the resources and thoughts present in one’s life and using them.

I hope that helps a little!

Justin, take him around the Vivid Live festival. No one can hate that and it brings in customers for the local businesses.

Thanks Fee, I highly recommend going to Vivid Sydney too! Where Sydney becomes a canvas of creativity and inspiration, through spectacular light installations and projections!

Vivid Sydney will happen in 24 May – 10 June 2013!

Exactly, ohhh thanks for the dates. Didn’t know they were decided on already. YAY 🙂

The arts in Australia is vibrant and enigmatic. Anything that threatens the growth of the arts and creativity can not be a good thing. Creativity is vital to living a happy life, and for a lot of people the arts is their life, their work, their everyday experiences. Great cause! All the best!

Yes, my thoughts exactly! Thank you for the support of our vision and all the best to you too!

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Enhance Creativity in Australia

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