Enhance Creativity in Australia

Artistic Careers in Australia

Posted on: October 15, 2012

Australian artists earn less than the general population and yet the number of artists does not fall.

Ever wonder about how many artists there are in Australia? What is the biggest group of artists? How much do artists earn? What challenges do Australian artists face?

Watch the insightful video below to get your answers!

Presented by the Australia Council for the Arts:


Persistence and passion are key to a successful artistic career!





4 Responses to "Artistic Careers in Australia"

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An insightful short video about the reality of careers in the arts in Australia.
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Great video! Its contents are very insightful and I imagine they would come as a bit of a shock to someone who is not part of the arts industry. For myself however, being a professional ballet dancer living in Sydney, I find the statistics that were brought up to be spot on. When one is starting out in an artistic career, from my personal experience, I was very aware that if I had stayed in Sydney, I would most likely never be able to support myself purely by dancing and would need to work a day job such as teaching dance or instructing Pilates as the video mentioned. I definitely agree with what was said about the reasons to keep on going even though there is not much pay in arts industries. It really is all about passion for what you do, as well as that thought in the back of your mind that you might be that lucky person to make it big one day.

Unfortunately for me, my passion for being a professional dancer on nearly no pay, along with my patience for the lack of arts funding in Australia eventually ran out after 7 years and so I decided to change careers. Even writing about it still frustrates me and so I’m very glad to see that you are campaigning to raise the Arts industry in Australia higher up on the agenda because something definitely has to be done. (N.E)

Thank you for posting this! It’s really interesting to see how the arts industry is divided up. It would’ve been really interesting to see this video incorporate how people with disabilities fit into the arts scene in Sydney.

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Enhance Creativity in Australia

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