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The National Cultural Policy was due for release at about the time of last May’s federal budget, but Simon Crean, Arts Minister has said he is waiting to secure funds, a spokesman for Mr Crean says he remains committed to launching it by the end of the year.

The Australian Major Performing Arts Group will seek assurance that the delayed National Cultural Policy at least will maintain funding in real terms, as the government attempts to pull back $2 billion in grants.

Harold Mitchell, chairman of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Art Exhibitions Australia says budgest are always under pressure but the government should not shy from its commitment to the arts.

“Government should remain supportive of the arts because it is so important, and (funding) is not at a very high level anyway, compared to many other things we do”

Goals of the National Cultural Policy are:




Matthew Westwood, Call for funds for cultural policy

National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper



Australian artists earn less than the general population and yet the number of artists does not fall.

Ever wonder about how many artists there are in Australia? What is the biggest group of artists? How much do artists earn? What challenges do Australian artists face?

Watch the insightful video below to get your answers!

Presented by the Australia Council for the Arts:


Persistence and passion are key to a successful artistic career!




There has been recent public debate over the value of art and culture as the Liberal Governments in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales have cut arts funding from their budgets. The reason for this blog is to raise The Arts industry in Australia higher up on the agenda by promoting the importance of creativity.

So that being the case, this blog strives to raise awareness on sufficient Government support to stimulate the Arts and Enhance Creativity in Australia is here to reach out and engage communities to stimulate the imagination and creativity of Australia. At the same time promoting support for artistic organisations connecting creativity and the public.

Please feel free to engage by sharing your thoughts on anything related to the arts!

Enhance Creativity in Australia

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